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Willow Creek Farm – November 17th, 2012

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Mississippi Valley Paranormal Investigation Report

Willow Creek FarmNovember 17th, 2012


On November 17th, 2012, Mississippi Valley Paranormal conducted an investigation on the residence of Willow Creek Farm, located in the Northern Illinois farmland, about 45 miles southeast of Galena, Illinois. Attending the investigation were MVP members: Stephanie Adams, Becky Reid, Bryce Carlson, Terry Enright, and Steve Danielsen.

Willow Creek Farm has extensive history, both official and unofficial, and has been stated as one of the most haunted locations in Illinois by author Michael Kleen in 2010 (http://trueillinoishaunts.com/2010/08/16/top-10-most-haunted-houses-in-illinois/), and featured on the Biography channel’s television show “My Ghost Story S4, E11” aired in 2012 featuring the farm’s current owner Al Kelchner (http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xrswkt_my-ghost-story-s4-e11_shortfilms). Willow Creek Farm is the last story of the show’s hour and definitely worth a look for anyone interested in the farm and/or the paranormal.


Official History

Because the residence and surrounding areas has so much history, I feel it is better to include a link to the history so that if interested one can take a look at what has already been neatly and significantly compiled. Please check out this link for more information on Willow Creek Farm:



Unofficial History:


There have been several mediums that have visited the site along with other paranormal groups, some of which have compiled hard evidence such as EVPs (electronic voice phenomenon), videos, and pictures. Because evidence presented by mediums and psychics cannot be proven, we feel that the history presented by his/her claims cannot be presented as official history and facts, however the complied reports that have been presented to the owner have been extensive and startling. Some of these reported entities that have been sense inside and outside of the home by mediums include: several unknown entities inside and outside of the home which carry both positive and very negative energies with them, an African-American male name Joe who may have murdered someone in the home, a male farmer named Big Mike who likes to pull pranks and is a bit of a jokester, a grieving woman named Anna from the early 1800s, a young boy named Robbie who had died in the home from extended illness, a woman named Sara who seems to be drawn to the current owner, and two young girls named Lily and Mary who are both Sara’s daughters from life.


The Investigation


MVP arrived at Willow Creek Farm around 6:00 p.m. and proceeded to meet with the owner Al Kelchner outside the residence to follow his instructions on what he wished done before entering the home. Once inside the home, the team unloaded equipment and conversed with the owner about the experiences reported in the home, both by himself and by others. The team then conducted a walk-thru of the home, getting familiar with the residence and its various areas. Once situated, the entire team went out to eat for about an hour and half with the owner leaving several audio recorders running in various places in the home as well as two video cameras. Once the team returned to the home, several mini investigations took place both inside and outside of the property at times with the five person team splitting up into pairs or in small groups, and other times remaining together. The investigation wrapped up around 2:30 a.m. on the morning of November 18th.

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Personal Experiences:


MVP Member – Becky Reid

6:20 pm: While sitting at the dining room table, I saw a whitish mass about the size of a soccer ball appear about 4 feet off the floor in the doorway of the laundry room. It dissipated within seconds.

6:31pm: While sitting at the dining room table, talking to Al, I saw what looked like a very small wisp of smoke behind the scarecrow centerpiece that was on the table. It almost looked like the smoke you would see right after you extinguish a candle.

6:44 Both Bryce and I heard what sounded like a high pitched squeak or voice. I thought I had captured it on audio but it can’t be heard.

When Bryce and Terry left the house, Steve and I noticed the chandelier swinging. We mentioned it and Al and Stephanie saw it too. Stephanie tried to debunk it by opening and closing the door, but that did not make it move.

While in the nursery with Steph, she and I both saw a whitish thread like shape next to Steve.

MVP Member – Terry Enright

I heard a dog bark down in the old basement and I heard a whistle someplace upstairs that Steph and Bryce heard. I also heard a few male voices that everyone heard downstairs.


MVP Member – Steve Danielsen

Shortly after arriving and Al had done the prayer and smudging of the door, upon walking in the house I suddenly found myself aloof, unable to conceive a clear thought.  I felt like I was not myself.  I remember looking at everyone but the words they were saying made no sense.  I had felt sadness along with a little naseousness.  Can’t say as to what exactly had happened, but found it a little unsettling. When walking through the living room into a smaller room I had felt a sharp pain in my finger as if someone had stabbed it with a needle. Late in the night I had heard a high pitched voice coming from the master bedroom.

MVP Member – Bryce Carlson 

When we arrived, I looked back towards the fields and machine shop and saw a red light fly over the machine shed. When I was coming down the stairs from the second floor, I heard what sounded like a little child or something similar at the base of the stairs that was also heard by Becky.  While sitting at the table in the dining room, I saw what appeared to be a shadow in the adjoining room that had no visible source


MVP Member – Stephanie Adams

While in the room next to the living room during the walk thru (dark room) I felt a very anxious panicky feeling and it was very hard to breathe. I felt that feeling in one other room upstairs (one of the empty small rooms to the left of the stairs) and that time I wanted to get out of the room. I did not feel this feeling later in the night anywhere.

While upstairs sitting with Becky and Steve I saw a white threadish like shape next to Steve appear briefly than vanish.

While in the basement with Steve and Terry I saw the flashlight turn on by itself when requested to by Steve. It only did this once but no one human turned it on and off when it did come on.



Evidence Collected:

Audio Evidence:

Visual Evidence:



Mississippi Valley Paranormal cannot verify what exactly is happening at Willow Creek Farm but did acquire what we believe to be some electronic voice phenomena that is unexplained as well some members hearing and seeing phenonemen during the investigation with his/her own eyes and ears. This type of evidence and experiences could indicate possible intelligent activity at the residence. There were also some intense feelings on part of a few members that should also be further explored. The team plans to revisit Willow Creek Farm to conduct another investigation in the near future.



*** The Mississippi Valley Paranormal team members would like to thank Al Kelchner for his hospitality and graciousness to allow us to visit his home and family. We had a great time, wish him the best always, and hope to see him again soon! ***


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Muscatine Iowa Private Home Investigation #6

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Muscatine Iowa Investigation #6

Reported Hauntings: This residence has been investigated by our group 5 times in the past. The owners had moved out of the location and when they moved back, they had these claims of recent activity. “ A friend was on a ladder and felt himself being pushed off the ladder, a back scratcher that was sitting on an air conditioner was thrown across the room, feeling of being poked while sleeping, remote was making the lights go off and on and fireplace go on and off, felt the bed being moved, hearing footsteps upstairs, the smell of pipe tobacco upstairs. They reported that 2 former tenants have died at the residence.

Weather: The temperature was 41 degrees and the sky was clear.

Equipment Setup:  A digital voice recorder and a camcorder were placed in the upstairs bedroom area, stationary recorder in the upstairs front living room area, a cell sensor and mel meter in the upstairs hallway. Bryce recorded the majority of the investigation with his camcorder and Becky carried a zoom dvr.

The Investigation

Experiments Performed:  The spirit box was used in the upstairs bedroom area. Interaction was attempted using the cell sensor.

Personal Experiences:

Becky: I heard an unexplained knocking sound in hallway when Steve asked for a knock. While sitting on a computer chair in the upstairs front room, I could feel the floorboards shift under my feet. No one in the room had moved. I was sitting in the same area that Stephanie had sat during a previous investigation and she felt and heard footsteps. I witnessed the cell sensor going off 2 different times when it was laying stationary at each end of the hallway upstairs.

Bryce: Personal experiences include hearing a few unexplained noises and hearing the cell sensor go off twice for no apparent reason.

Steve: My personal experiences include recording a EMF spike from 0.0 to 0.5 then back to 0.0 along with a 5 degree temp. drop upon entering the upstairs door.  Also recorded  the same 0.0 to 0.5 to 0.0 in the upstairs living room.  Heard what seemed like a knock in response to my question. Thought I heard footsteps in upstairs living room.  Noticed spirit box replies when asking what his name was, replies were “Who me?”  and “I cannot say it.” I also had the  feeling like all of the hairs on my head were standing on end in the hallway.  Feeling a sudden bone chilling chill while doing spiritbox in the back bedroom.  Feeling slightly dizzy and again hairs on head standing up in living room. This is when Bryce’s camera could not focus on me.

Mandi: While in the living room I kept having feelings like something was pinching my elbow. When coming up the stairs from the basement it felt like something tugged my pocket.


Evidence Collected:

 Audio Evidence:

At 7:31 we enter the upstairs front room to start and EVP session. The cell sensor had been placed in the hallway outside the door and it goes off for no apparent reason  cell sensor731

At 7:40 when we were in the upstairs front room, we heard a knock after Steve asked for it and some shifting in the hallway  knock and shifting sound740. Becky asks for a knock and seems to get one CanYouKnockOnTheDoor

This apparent EVP was caught on Mandis stationary DVR that had been placed in the back room upstairs. We were just entering the room to investigate. We think it sounds like it is whispering “no one here”  NoOneHere  The cell sensor goes off for the 2nd time right after this. Also on Mandis recorder was this possible voice that speaks while we are all in the front room upstairs Ow222027. Another clip from her recorder seems to have an unknown male voice  HeardAVoiceBeforeThat  Steve reacts by saying he heard a voice.

At approximately 7:47 on Steves recorder that was left in the upstairs back room he caught the following:  At 7:47  in “whisper 2 muscatine”  A pretty clear whisper can be heard.  What it says, well “F*** you!”  whisper 2 muscatine

At 7:49 he captures this EVP  and explains what he feels he hears.  In “whisper muscatine” three whispers can be heard.  I believe they say “You lied to me” or “Don’t hide from me”, “Just leave!”  “Keep outta here!”  whisper muscatine  In “whisper 2 muscatine isolation”  This is just an isolated clip of the original to prove it was a whisper and not sound matrixing with the floor creaks.  whisper 2 muscatine isolation


It is felt that there is a resident spirit in the home because of the information we have gathered in the past. It appears to not be bound to one location because of the reported activity downstairs as well as upstairs.

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Geneseo Illinois Private Home Investigation

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Geneseo Illinois Investigation

The house is believed to have been built around 1900. The property is located in Geneseo, Ill

Reported Hauntings:  The homeowners have reported seeing apparitions of a male and a child in the basement, top of stairs and doorway. They both have heard their name being whispered in their ears. The male homeowner saw what looked like a child playing with a kitchen set when he went down to the kitchen during the night.  “A train set has been repeatedly destroyed and the son claims he didn’t do it. Many times I would walk into my son’s bedroom planning to catch him out of bed and in his playroom, but he was always sleeping and the door to his playroom shut. I have heard running foot steps start at the entrance to my son’s play room, then trip and hit the floor. Something hit the floor so hard and violently it shook my ceiling fan. I ran upstairs to check on my son. He was asleep on the floor. I woke him up and moved him down stairs to the living room couch. I went back to my room and laid down with both of our dogs. The moment I hit the bed my fan started shaking and I heard running foot steps back and forth. I also heard the wooden trains being played with.  I was in the bathroom and saw a shadow fly from the basement. I followed it thinking it was my son, up it went to his bedroom. I saw a man in a black cape like coat come out of no where, five feet from our bedroom door, and walk out the the doorway”. 

Weather:The temperature was 41 degrees and partly cloudy. Indoor temp averaged 70 degrees.

Equipment Setup:   Static recorder in the child’s room, static recorder in the playroom, static video camera in the playroom, 2 mobile recorders, 1 real-time audio analyzer, 2 digital cameras, 2 magnetometers, 1 Mel Meter, 1 Full-spectrum digital camera

EMF/Temp readingsKitchen: 0-2.5 milligaus, 69 degrees, Bathroom: 0.3-0.5 milligaus, 69.9 degrees, Living Room: 0.2-1.0 milligaus, 70 degrees, Master Bedroom: 0-0.3 milligaus, 70.4 degrees, Spare Bedroom: 0-0.3 milligaus, 69 degrees, Child’s Bedroom: 0-0.5 milligaus, 69.8 degrees, Playroom: 0.1-0.4 milligaus, 68 degrees.  (Whole house seemed to have elevated EMF fields)

The Investigation

Experiments performed: The kitchen area was tested for EMF and had a high EMF reading throughout the kitchen. Steve attempted the flashlight experiment in the living room. A floor piano was turned on in the playroom in an attempt to get interaction with the reported child spirit. The marbles were tested on the playroom floor to see how easily the sound traveled to the bedroom below. Spirit box was used with no results.

Personal Experiences:

Steve: felt a cold spot by him in the kitchen area at 7:25 while conducting the interview.   Also feeling dizzy and off balance in the kitchen when doing the interview.  I saw a shadow go across a section of the kitchen wall that was
illuminated from an outdoor porch light from the neighbor’s house.
Could have possibly been neighbor outside.  Witnessed some flashlight
responses that I could not explain.  Heard several small knocks which
could have just been settling noises.

Becky: I heard sounds by the tv. Cabinet. Flashlight that Steve had set up on there turned on a couple times, but not on command at 8:30.  At 9:20, while sitting on the loveseat, I heard what sounded like a door being pushed shut. I asked Bryce and Terry to walk across the floor upstairs to see if it was a movement they had made but it did not sound the same.

Terry:  My only personal experiences are: I saw a white, mostly round, ball of light near master bedroom, on the door frame.  Could have been from outside, but no cars went by.  And, I saw the light from the moon blocked out in spare room upstairs.  Wasn’t looking straight at it, but saw the light change in there.

Bryce:  No real major personal experiences, just heard some random sounds.

Evidence Collected:

Audio Evidence

813 – This is the footstep Steve heard. Enhanced slightly. (Living Room)  813PM – Footstep Enhanced

818 – This is the high pitched sound we all heard. It sounds like glass being hit, happens 3 times. (Living Room)  818PM – High Pitched Sound

803 – This one has several sounds like small things being dropped or hit together. (Upstairs)  803PM – Upstairs Noises

839 – You can hear us downstairs, then you hear what sounds like a child hum then what sounds like someone blowing on the recorder mics. (Upstairs)  839PM – Upstairs Noises2

926 – A very big thump when we’re all downstairs. (Upstairs)  926PM – Upstairs Bang

705 child voice during interview  7 05PM child voice at 2 seconds in

720 sounds like a response during interview  7 20PM seems to be a response at the end

751 child voice whisper , we are downstairs, recorder upstairs  7 51PM child voice then whisper

906 Terry and Bryce upstairs, recorder in playroom  9 06PM child voice play room Bryce and Terry upstairs

Becky in kitchen walking  nothing

female voice kitchenliving room  get out, quiet voice, whispering under our talking


Based on our experiences and evidence gathered, there appears to be mild paranormal activity that is benevolent in nature.

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Edinburgh Manor October 5, 2012

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Edinburgh Manor Investigation

This building was built in 1911. It housed people of all ages with chronic mental illnesses. Before this building was the Jones County Poor Farm building that was there 1850-1910. Records show that 80+ people died during that time. The property was purchased in 2011 by owners that wish their names to remain private.

The property is located at 13241 E23 County Home Road Scotch Grove, Iowa 52205

Website: Edinburgh Manor Facebook Page

Reported Hauntings: Previous investigations have reports of flashlights turning on, on command, singing, female voices, whistling, a plate flying across the room, being grabbed, and numerous EVPs being captured.

Weather: Clear skies and a temperature of 37 degrees outdoors and average of 65 in the building.

Equipment Setup: Command center was set up in the main room with the long table, on the first floor. Stationary cam was set on a tripod in the first floor hallway, facing right from command central. A digital voice recorder was placed in room 100 while going on the walk through and upon hearing claims that it was an active location. The Truth Trap Cam was set up on the second floor, right by the staircase facing east down the hallway. A second stationary cam was set up in the same hallway, facing west.

There were several voice recorders carried by members throughout the night. A full spectrum camera was used by Steve. Members also used cell sensors, K2 meter, SP7 spirit box, and real time audio.

EM pumps were set up in room 100 1st floor and in 4 other locations throughout the building.


The Investigation

Experiments Performed: EVP recording sessions took place throughout the building, lazer grid on 2nd floor hallway and in billiard room, flashlight experiment, spirit box in room 100 and a room on the 2nd floor. Flashlight experiment was also conducted in the dining hall in the basement. We used pill bottles and syringes as trigger objects.

Personal Experiences:

Bryce: “While myself and Steve were in the building alone on the second floor setting up EMF pumps and the Truth Trap Cam, we both heard a chair slide across the floor. On the first floor in one of the rooms, myself and Diana kept seeing small pinpricks of light appearing and disappearing in pitch darkness, with no source. In the dining room, myself and Steve had activity with the flashlight experiment, seeming in response to questions. We also experienced a heaviness in the padded cell area. I also heard a female talking when we were gathered in command towards the end of the night that was not one of our investigators.”

Steve: “During walk-thru, I saw a dark shadow cross the hallway towards the staircase when on the second floor.  I gave chase, and found nobody there but realized that this shadow did not pass through anything as it seemed to head directly for the stairs.  While setting up a trap camera with Bryce on the second floor, both of us heard what sounded like a heavy chair sliding across the floor.  When we ran down the steps to see what had happened, I noticed that a door that was previously propped open during walk-thru was now shut.  We made many attempts to debunk it, but could not.  I heard several disembodied female voices throughout the night, none of which were decipherable at the time.  When on the second floor saw a shadow pass a doorway to a room across the hall from where we were.  While in the dining hall with Bryce, I had witnessed some intelligent activity during a flashlight experiment in which said spirit was able to manipulate the flashlight to turn on and off.  Unfortunately we had no video equipment with us at the time to document the event.  While in the padded room I noticed a very heavy sensation to the point it made me nauseous and I had to get out.”

Becky: “Upon entering Edinburgh Manor, I experienced a slight uncomfortable feeling. During the walk through, I decided to stay in central command while the others toured the basement. I turned on my recorder to document my presence there. During that time, I repeatedly heard snapping type sounds but did not catch them on my recorder.”

“Andrea, Steve, Mandi and I were in room 100 doing an EVP session and ghost box session. I kept thinking I was seeing shadows in the hallway. At one time Mandi and I both reported seeing shadows and immediately after that we both felt a coldness. Numerous times throughout the night I thought I was hearing female voices and did capture some on my recorder. I also heard a whistle while on the 2nd floor and this was captured on audio. I heard what sounded like a giggle on the 1st floor.

While in the billiards room with Andrea, we both heard snapping type sounds come from the area of the barber chair and then later from the area of the easel. We then heard what sounded like paint chips in the hallway. All of this was captured on audio.”

Diana: “I heard a couple of female voices or screams but other than that, it was a pretty quiet night. I had my laser grid set up with Mandi on the second floor hallway but nothing unusual there. Heard some bangs while we were sitting in the hallway of the 2nd floor. I did hear what sounded like a couple of footsteps while in the billiard room.”

Mandi: “I saw a shadow in the doorway of room 100 on the first floor. Right after that I felt a chill. I also heard a female laugh while in that same room. On the second floor, while I was with Diana, I heard several distant noises that could not be identified. While walking around the area, I had an uneasy feeling when I passed ‘The Purple Room’. I did not enter the room because of the gut-reaction being near it gave me.”

Andrea: “I saw shadows at the women’s end of the first floor hall as we were sitting in the room at the end of the hall, as did Becky. I also thought I saw a head (shadow) poke around the doorway of the same room about 4 to 5 feet up, at about the door lock level. At that same time Mandi indicated she thought she saw something out of the corner of her eye & she was sitting just inside the door on the same side I saw the head. Later that night in a room just upstairs from this room, I believe it was the 2nd floor, I was sitting on the floor looking down the hallway & could see the light being blocked out of the window in the room at the opposite end of the hall way. I ask Steve & Becky to look & they indicated that they saw the same thing. We watched it for a few minutes & then decided we needed to go investigate. It was a clear night & we couldn’t figure out what could have been blocking out the light as there were no tree near enough to the building to be causing the effect. Also in the billiards room I asked for a knock & “someone” answered me. WooHoo! My first personal experiences with the group!!”

Evidence Collected:

Audio Evidence

From the recorder that Mandi held: 9:14PM “There’s something there.”

11:07PM – Female voice talks over someone 7 seconds in

This audio clip of a chair being moved was caught on a stationary dvr on the first floor in command central, right after Bryce and Steve went upstairs to place a Truth Cam: Chair sliding

During the time that Steve and Bryce were trying to figure out which chair moved, Steve hears this: Female voices

After trying to debunk and recreate the chair movement, Bryce and Steve went outside to wait for Diana, Andrea, Mandi and Becky. This Class A EVP was caught on the stationary DVR in command central 1 minute later: Class A Female talking

The following is a slightly amplified version of the previous EVP: Female talking

Becky and Bryce locating the "chair sliding" audio

Becky and Bryce listen to the audio of a chair sliding when no one was on first floor. Diana in background

Caught on a recorder while in the purple room: Female voice Purple Room

Caught on a recorder during spirit box sessions: Talking over ghost box, Voice Edinburgh purple room, Voice, Whistle 2nd floor purple room, Gimmie, Hello Edinburgh, Hello Hey Edinburgh, Hey before I speak Edinburgh,

Audio clip during walk-through: Humming

EVPs from the area of room 100: Laughter (We heard this out loud.)

Noise and breath(recorder was alone in room 100),Unknown sound on 1st floor

Audio clips from the billiards room:

Snap in Billiards Room,knock for andrea


Based on the personal experiences and evidence collected, we reached a decision as a group that we do believe there is paranormal activity taking place at this location, Edinburgh Manor.



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Investigatons Table of Contents

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Farrar School August 2012

Private Home Moline Illinois June 2012

Private home investigation Davenport Iowa May 2012

Return to Lisbon History Center- May 2012

Private Home Rock Island Illinois

Private home investigation Erie, Illinois March 2012

Private Home Investigation Aledo, Illinois

Private Home Investigation Geneseo, Illinois February 2012

Lisbon History Center Investigation

Private Home Davenport Iowa

Davenport Business Third Investigation

Rock Island, IL Private Home Investigation

Private Home Investigation Rock Falls, Illinois

Dubuque Iowa private home investigation

Rock Island Illinois home October 2011

Undisclosed Business Davenport, Iowa October 2011

Farrar School Investigation August 2011

Davenport Investigation May 2011

Davenport Iowa apartment investigation

Davenport Iowa Home Investigation

Rock Island Private Home Investigation

New Liberty Iowa Private Home Investigation

Private residence Colona Illinois

Return to Illinois City

Anonymous Daycare

Axe Murder House Villisca, Iowa 2010

Private residence Moline, Illinois

East Moline Library Investigation


Private Home Muscatine Iowa #5

Grand Opera House Dubuque, Iowa Investigation #2

Private Home Investigation Illinois City, Illinois

March 2010 Investigation Private Home Davenport, Iowa

Skellington Manor Investigation

Davenport Home Investigation #2

Davenport, Iowa Home December 12, 2009

Private Home Camanche, Iowa November 14, 2009

Quarters One Rock Island, Illinois November 7, 2009

Private Home- Camanche, IA October, 2009

Grand Opera House Dubuque Iowa September 5, 2009

Private Home Clinton, IA #1 Investigation June 20, 2009

Private Home Clinton, IA #2 Investigation August 15, 2009

Private Location-QCA May 16, 2009

Private Home LeClaire, IA January 2, 2009

River Valley District Library Port Byron, IL October 18, 2008

Scooter’s Bar and Grill Aledo, IL September 21, 2008

Rock Island Library Rock Island, IL September 13, 2008

Villisca Axe Murder House Villisca, IA August 9, 2008

Kentucky Investigation Trip August 2, 2008

Private Home Moline, IL July, 2008

Private Home Eldridge, IA June 28, 2008

Private Home Erie, IL June 25, 2008

Greenwood Cemetery Muscatine, IA May 10, 2008

Private Home Muscatine, IA #1 April 26, 2008

Private Home Muscatine, IA #2 Investigation May 10,2008

Private Home Muscatine, IA #3 Investigation June, 2008

Private Home Muscatine, IA #4 Investigation July 25, 2009

Private Home Fort Madison, IA March 22, 2008

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Private Home Moline Illinois June 2012

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June 9th members Becky, Steph, Diana, Terry and Bryce investigated a private residence in Moline Illinois. The following are the claims of activity based on emails from the client:


Several things have been happening at my home that I can’t explain including someone walking around upstairs when nobody is up there and just last week it sounded like someone was talking in the next room and nobody was in there when I opened the door. It was a man’s voice I could hear plain as day but it sounded like they were mumbling and I couldn’t quite figure out what they were saying exactly. Several of my friends have experienced different things as well. Last week actually scared me a bit and it seems to be lately that it is happening more often. My roommates boyfriend was at the house alone and he said that the kitchen cabinet opened and slammed shut while he was standing in the kitchen.  It scared him enough to leave the house.


We talked to several occupants and their friends and listened to their claims of activity. We were taken on a walk through of the home and when that was concluded, the occupants went outside to the garage so that we could conduct our investigation. We concentrated on the basement, living and dining room and upper bedrooms.


The first things we noticed were the extremely high levels of EMF throughout the whole home. In several spots our meters were pegging out because the EMF was so high. We knew that this might be contributing to some of their claims.


One of the claims was of a light turning off and on in the bathroom. The switch was checked and appeared to be stable and not the cause of this event. We ended up turning off the central air to attempt to eliminate the continual beeping of our EMF meters. We conducted EVP sessions in the downstairs area and all bedrooms upstairs in an attempt to contact any spirits that might be present.


The evening was extremely quiet and calm other than the EMF going off and the discovery of a cat having been shut in a closed. This debunked the scratching sounds that Diana and Steph were hearing. Also when we realized how high the EMF was, it explained our meters going off.


Although we did not obtain any audio to back up any of the claims, we have told the clients to continue to keep a log of any activity and we would be glad to come back and perform another investigation.

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Private home investigation Davenport Iowa May 2012

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Private Home Investigation Davenport, IA May 19th,2012

On May 19th, 2012 6 members of MVP visited a home in Davenport IA. Present were Becky, Stephanie, Diana, Terry, Steve and Bryce. We were asked by the current homeowners to come and conduct and investigation because the family members living there were experiencing unexplained activity for the past 2 years since moving into the house. The team arrived at 7:00pm and immediately sat down with the family to hear the claims. The claims include hearing footsteps from upstairs, like someone is pacing up and down the hallway. Seeing shadow figures peeking from around the dining room/kitchen door to the living room while the family is sitting watching TV. The family also reports being physically touched and the daughter claims to have been pushed down the basement steps not long after moving in. The son, who has his bedroom in the downstairs basement, has been scratched on several occasions and while we were there, he showed us pictures of the scratches he took on his cell phone. He also claims as well as the daughter to have had items disappear and either never show back up such as the case with the daughters coat or they show back up in weird places. The son’s wallet disappeared when he laid it down on the counter in the kitchen only to reappear months later behind some tiles in the ceiling in his bedroom downstairs.

After the walk through with the family, they leave and the team splits into 2 groups. The groups consist of Becky, Steph and Diana. With the other group consisting of Steve, Bryce and Terry. While we were setting up equipment and getting ready to break off in to the groups, Steve and several other members of the group here a male voice call out something that sounds like it is coming from the foyer area of the house, but no one can make out exactly what was said. Since we had several claims of objects disappearing, Terry set up some coins on the dining room table, to see if they would move or disappear. He took a picture of the coins and sometime later it was noted that ones of the coins had moved a little bit during the investigation. However, the shifting of the coin was very slight and we can’t be sure one of us didn’t move it or bump the table accidentally during the night. Becky’s group headed upstairs to the master bedroom where there were claims of shadowy figures and hearing footsteps. While up there, Becky thought at one time she might have heard a couple of footsteps and Steph had a really heavy almost hard to breathe feeling while she was standing between the bed and the wall. Steve’s group headed downstairs to the basement where the son’s bedroom was, but reported nothing unusual there. After splitting up for a while all 6 members met back up in the living room area and conducted a spirit box session there, which yielded no results. All in all, it was a pretty quiet evening. Personal experiences are as follows.

Steve: The only personal experience I had was hearing a male Voice come from the foyer.
Terry: Personal experiences are hearing a few voices out loud. And feeling like something small and sharp hit my ankle upstairs as I was walking into bedroom to check out fan.
Steph: I just felt a heavy feeling up between the upstairs bed and window every time I stood there. It seemed like air had been sucked out of my chest (like I had been running) and a dizziness.
Becky:  The only personal experience I had was some unexplained sounds and my headphone cord moving, but I can’t prove that it wasn’t just settling. I also noted that one of the coins had moved a bit.
 Bryce: Only major thing I had happen was seeing what looked like the reflection of a head moving in the dining room window, with no explanation. Also heard some unexplained noises/voices that we couldn’t identify.
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Return to Lisbon History Center- May 2012

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May 12th Becky, Steve, and Terry set off for Lisbon, Iowa and a return visit to the Lisbon History Center. Our first investigation yielded surprising audio of voices “singing” in the basement and we were hoping to get additional audio along with any answers as to why the History Center seems to have paranormal activity.


Our first stop was a cafe along the way where we were met with open mouth stares from the locals, as the 3 “ghost hunters” in their MVP t-shirts entered the establishment. We enjoyed the good food as we discussed our upcoming investigation. Terry left one of our business cards just in case anyone there would want to contact us.


At the History Center, we were met by Becky and we discussed background of the center, in hopes of getting an answer as to activity. We found out that prior to it being a History Center, it had been a store or pharmacy. We had discussed the strong possibility of residual type hauntings because of the vast amount of historical items not only in the display areas but in the basement.


After we were locked in, Terry and Steve proceeded to set up cameras in the upstairs and basement area while Becky placed a recorder near the area that the original singing audio was captured from the previous investigation. Recorders were placed in key areas throughout the History Center and after all equipment was in place, the team started their first EVP session.


Steve states his personal experiences as the following: My personal experiences include feeling as if something was touching my hand and arm in the front foyer near the old piano.  Hearing
footsteps while we were in the basement.  I was witness to the sound of something hitting the garbage can in the basement. We all experienced some form of activity while we were in the basement and upstairs. I feel that the museum is haunted with residual object attachment activity. I noticed that several times when the clock chimed I would receive an evp of some sort, as my recorder was in the main museum. The clock may be one of the attached objects. The female voices came after the clock chimes.  As far as any other attached objects in the museum, your guess is as good as mine as to what they might be.


Becky also heard the sound of something hitting the garbage can or something metal while in the basement. I heard unexplained noises throughout the night. At one time the 3 of us were in the basement and heard a thump, then creak then footstep that was caught on audio. You can hear me react to it as I was sitting on the steps and it sounded like it was on the floor above.


Terrys personal experience is as follows: Had the “feels like I walked through a cobweb” feeling twice very early in the evening.  I heard several small noises that couldn’t be pinned down.  And, while in the basement I heard something noticeably hit the metal trash can.  I had accidentally hit it much earlier while moving, and I’m not sure if that’s why it did it. Also, when standing near that trash can I got the chills exactly when Steve and Becky did.

I brought some music from the 1920’s to see if that would spark anything.  The trash can hit came a bit after that.  But, as soon as I turned on the music I felt something on my shin.  This was actually caught on video.  It happened at 8:50PM.  It’s shortly after that that the EVPs 8:52PM and 8:56PM were picked up upstairs by my digital voice recorder (DVR) in the back farm equipment area.  We were all in the basement and it doesn’t go over as far as where the DVR was. There’s no way that was us.

Also, the EVP titled 8:03PM …Goodbye, I had heard a bump type sound from back there when this was picked up.  I was maybe 10 feet away at the time.  I had the camera rolling, but this was not picked by the camera mic and nothing was picked up when I went back there either.

A very fun evening.  I believe that what ever is active there is a young boy, or girl.  It seems friendly to me.



8 56PM 3 knocks or steps with DVR alone upstairs

8 52PM something heavy moves epstairs with all of us in basement



123heavy breath bsmt while we are upstairs


159 faint music1amp

amy you here

childs voice lisbon

faint voice




play the organ


thump creak footstep

8 03PM clock goes off and clear goodbye


an odd bug











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Private Home Rock Island Illinois

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On April 14th, 2012 MVP returned to a home in Rock Island for a
second investigation.  Several EVPs were caught in this home before,
and shadows were seen.  The investigation started with two teams
including the client.  One team in the basement and the other
upstairs.  During set-up Steve heard what sounded like a whisper in
the spare bedroom.  Also a flashlight that was placed in the bedroom
seemed to light up on command, but vibration could have set this off
as well.  An EVP session was held in this bedroom immediately, but no
further occurrences happened at this time.  The team in the basement
experienced no activity as well.  A spirit box session was held in the
living room yielding a few seemingly intelligent responses.  A K2
meter was also placed in the living room as well and seemed to receive
hits when the spirit box was responding.  During this session Terry was
in the hallway and felt as if something brushed by his face, so he
took a photo.  A strange white mass was caught in the photo, and has
yet to be debunked.  The teams switched places, held EVP and spirit box
sessions but no further responses or activity were caught or
experienced.  The home seemed to be not quite as active this time, but
a few EVPs were caught.  We still believe that there may be some
activity happening in the home but it is sporadic.  If there is an
intelligent spirit, it seems to be friendly and not out to cause any

Audio is as follows:

9 06PM whisper



i’m here

spiritbox chris

what is your name



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Private home investigation Erie, Illinois March 2012

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On March 10th, 2012 5 members of MVP visited a home in Erie, IL which was claimed to be experiencing paranormal activity.  The family had experienced several occurrences over the years in which they lived there, as well as others who had visited or lived in the home.  The team met at a small restaurant in Erie to eat and discuss the case.  At 7:00PM the team arrived at the home and met with the clients for a tour and to discuss their claims of activity.  A photograph had been submitted to the team by the client before the investigation that seemed to show some kind of image that formed in the bathroom mirror, and upon arrival it was claimed that the same image was just seen the previous day on the stove top.  But through inspection it is believed that the photo may just be the result of the matrixing of smudges on the mirror.  Matrixing is a phenomenon in which the brain can take visual patterns or aural sounds and convert them into pictures or words that the brain can comprehend.  Common examples of matrixing are the popular optical illusions we used to see in school science books, or maybe the magic eye posters that were popular for a while.  It was also learned that it was believed by the clients that the activity may stem from a fire that had engulfed a home that was next door to the property, in which an entire family had died with the exception of one male child who to this day still has the burn scars on his arms and face.  This fire was reported to have taken place in 1979, and an old newspaper was found in the clients’ home told the whole gruesome story.

Claims include, hearing footsteps walking up and down the basement steps, the sighting of the images in the bathroom mirror and stove top, the sighting of a mist or shadow crossing the living room and disappearing into the wall, bangs, electrical interference, etc…  After the tour and discussion of claims, the clients left the home for the evening and the team prepared equipment and took pre-investigation readings of EMF/TEMP.  The team then split into two groups.  Terry, Steve, and Erik went to the basement while Stephanie and Chris went to the upper level of the home.  This put a dead floor between the two groups in a way to prevent as much noise contamination as possible.  While in the basement Terry, Steve, and Erik heard what sounded like footsteps coming from above, however this was later debunked as the footsteps of Steph and Chris on the upper floor being heard through duct work.  This was a possible explanation for one of the claims made.  Eerie feelings in the basement were another claim.  The basement lighting was kind of wired strange by a former owner of the home who was an amateur ham radio operator.  However no unusually high levels of EMF were detected in the basement that could debunk eerie feelings.  No unusual activity was experienced in the basement by the first team, in fact it was rather quiet.  The team then met once again on the main level of the home and were ready to switch out positions.  Steve had gone to get his flashlight from his bag which was in the living room when he suddenly felt a wave of static electricity that left the hair on his arm and neck standing on end.  So at this time we felt it necessary to do an EVP and spirit-box session in this room.  Several responses came over the spirit-box, including a reference to the fire which happened over 3 decades ago.  Also in sync with these replies a K2 meter that had been placed on a chair had started to respond to questioning.  After activity ceased, the team once again split, this time Terry. Erik, and Steve in the upper level of the home, Steph and Chris in the basement.  Once again fairly quiet with the exception of a bang or two and a possible footstep being heard.  We concluded the investigation at this point.

After evidence review there were a few EVPs caught which are as follows this report.  It is concluded that there is some possible paranormal activity happening within the home.  As to who or what is causing such activity still remains a mystery.  Future investigations would be warranted at the clients’ permission or need.  Personal experiences are as follows.

Steve- As I was entering the living room to grab a flashlight, I felt a wave of static electricity go past me as if I had walked through something or something walked through me.  All of the hairs on the back of my neck and arms were standing on end.  I believe there is video footage of this event.  The best way I can describe the feeling is like putting your arm next to the screen of a TV set that is turned on.


Erik and Stephanie reported no experiences

Chris had heard a footstep and a bang while in the basement and in the upper level of the home.

Terry on several occasions had seen what looked like a light source coming from a back bedroom, also claimed to have seen a shadow pass Steve when he felt the static.  Also reported to have seen a small shadow about the size of a shoe move across the floor.

Audio and video evidence is as follows:

a bang erie home

anyone here No

female voice 1 erie home

fire fireman

footstep Erie home

possible response erie home

spirit box please help me

spiritbox i love you

thump or footstep erie home

voice behind ours erie

weird noise erie home

whisper basement erie




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